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Why “Social” media is making us unsociable! A millenial’s attempt at demystifying “nm wbu”

Given an E-mail ID or a customer care number, what do you prefer?
In a room full of strangers would you dare to initiate a conversation or would you simply take out your mobile phone, even if to swipe away each notification just to have something to do?

Technology today has given us so many “friends” and “connections” that we have altogether misconstrued the concept of socialising. We want instant gratification. We want to feel loved and popular, and more than that we want others to feel we are loved are popular. Continue reading “Why “Social” media is making us unsociable! A millenial’s attempt at demystifying “nm wbu””


“You’ll be on our payroll, but work for the client company.” Contract Staffing: What it Means and How it Works

 In the initial few years of your professional life, you’d definitely have come across this dialogue,
“Hi, I’m calling from <name of HR Agency>. Are you looking for a job or a job change?”
On positive confirmation, they proceed to tell you about one of the Unicorn Companies or the Fortune 500s that have an opening. But, there’ll be a sub-clause about you being on the HR agency’s payroll. Now, to a newbie, this can get a little confusing.
How does this work? What is the point of this? What’s in it for the HR agency? Read on to know.

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The Ultimate Foodie Survival Guide for Life in CBS

Life as we knew it is soon going to change for CBSites with the change of campus and (hopefully) a better canteen. I found this article hidden somewhere in the depths of my unpublished drafts and couldn’t help sharing the plethora of gastronomical knowledge contained in this post. Try out these food joints before the campus shifts. Dig in!

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Full Circle

It’s not every day that your whole world comes crashing about you. Preeti felt sick to the core.The metallic taste of disgust, revulsion, guilt and hatred filled her with nausea, or maybe that was just because of the incessant puking.

Was it really a sin, though? Continue reading “Full Circle”

The Ferocious Lake

​You Beauty, why do you rage?

What keeps you going?

Anger? Passion? Determination?

Are you so wont to excel?

You shall never achieve much.

Why do you rage still?

You Beauty, where are you going?

You shall forever be entrapped,

By the bank.

You shall forever be rooted,

Alongside these trees.

Where are you going still?

You Beauty, why do you shine?

People will come and go.

Some will find momentary bliss in you,

Some will defile you,

Others, indifferent. 

Why do you shine still?

Blind Faith

Once, a few monks were meditating in a monastery when suddenly a cat started creating ruckus and disturbing them. They went to the head priest for a solution, who told them to take the cat to the bottom of the stairs and tie it to a pole there. Thus, every day before they would start meditation they would tie the cat to the pole.

Decades later, one day, there was chaos all over the monastery. Reason? 

They couldn’t find any cat anywhere in the whole village to bring to the bottom of the stairs and tie it to the sacred pole of wisdom.

A lot of superstitions stem out of perfectly logical incidents. It’s ok to follow rituals and customs set by our ancestors. However, when people stop asking “why”, they turn into blind followers. 

High Definition

When I woke up this morning, I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, and by heavens I was looking beautiful! Spotless, radiant skin, offset by contrasting lustrous black hair, it was like those BB creams had finally worked their charm like the ads had always promised. Until reality dawned on me, I wasn’t wearing my prescription glasses.  Continue reading “High Definition”

Who do you see in the mirror?

“You don’t have to try so hard.You don’t have to give it all away.

You just have get up, get up, get up.

You don’t have to change a single thing”

Continue reading “Who do you see in the mirror?”

The AIB Knockout Fiasco

Things had gotten pretty boring the last couple of weeks. What with the endless back-to-back lectures, assignments, presentations… you nearly start wondering if it really is worth working too hard for. I mean, go ahead, check out the Employment News; even 10th pass people are eligible for jobs grossing around 20k in hand per month. Aur ek hum hain ki…

“Beta 10th me ache marks laane zaruri hai. Yehi to birth certificate hoga baad me!”

Beta 12th me mehnat kar lo. Acha college milega to life set hai”

Beta, bas ache marks lao. Extra Curriculars pe bhi focus karo. Achi job mil jaegi to bas fir aish hai”

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