Things had gotten pretty boring the last couple of weeks. What with the endless back-to-back lectures, assignments, presentations… you nearly start wondering if it really is worth working too hard for. I mean, go ahead, check out the Employment News; even 10th pass people are eligible for jobs grossing around 20k in hand per month. Aur ek hum hain ki…

“Beta 10th me ache marks laane zaruri hai. Yehi to birth certificate hoga baad me!”

Beta 12th me mehnat kar lo. Acha college milega to life set hai”

Beta, bas ache marks lao. Extra Curriculars pe bhi focus karo. Achi job mil jaegi to bas fir aish hai”

I did vote for BJP but looks like acche din belong to a distant future, at least for our lot!

Just then the omnipresent Samsung notification tune breaks my chain of thoughts, I check my phone, a friend’s message reads, “AIB Knockout dekha kya?” Although I personally was never into AIB stuff, I decided to check it out anyway.  (BTW, I got to see the unedited original version)

The videos sure were funny, a little vulgar, but hey, they did give us a fair warning. And if you think THAT was too vulgar, you’ve probably never watched any other roasting video. For me, personally, it was a much welcome break from the self-deprecating, what-am-I-doing-with-my-life train of musing I seemed to have boarded and I really think, every once in a while, you truly need such a break.

Indian television REALLY needs to grow up. I see no point in the uproar against the video. That useless excuse for reality TV called Bigg Boss somehow has found public acceptance, so have pointless other (scripted) reality TV shows; so content hardly seems to be a concerning factor for the Indian audience. Also, I’m pretty sure you hear nearly as many filthy abuses being hurled around on the streets anyway, at least if you live in Delhi and have ever witnessed a minor accident.

My take- Watch the video. Leave your fragile emotions and feelings at home. Laugh. Move on!

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve watched the videos and what you feel about them.