“Mai kaun hu?” “Mai kahaan hu?”

These are the two ubiquitous questions asked by the protagonist after a major accident, more often than not after miraculously recovering from a coma for extra drama. But why  these two questions? Perhaps because these two are the most important things that are there in one’s life. Who am I? How do others perceive me?

Assessing our self-worth in our own eyes is probably something we should be doing more often. Where am I? Not just physically, but where am I in my life? Where am I going? What path am I on? The questions may seem comical coming out of a typical Ekta Kapoor serial, but honestly, how many of us know who we really are, how many of us really know where we are headed and what we want with our lives?

This hard-hitting wake-up call came to me the day I had to prepare for a mock interview. I could answer just about every HR question except for one that most probably consider as the easiest; tell me about yourself. I truly didn’t know what I wanted from my life or the one thing I was passionate about. The more I dwelled on this question, the more it began haunting me inside, to the point I began questioning everything and driving myself to insanity. If I didn’t even know the answer to the two most basic things anyone would want to know about me, how could I possibly reach anywhere or do anything worthwhile?

This was my Nadir. My lowest point. My identity crisis cannot get worse than this, the only way is up. This blog is my attempt to express myself and in that process explore my true self, the identity that has been lost somewhere in the heap of college assignments and projects, and pointlessly trying to be what others want from me. I now want to figure out what want and what aspire to be. Want to come on this journey with me?