When I woke up this morning, I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, and by heavens I was looking beautiful! Spotless, radiant skin, offset by contrasting lustrous black hair, it was like those BB creams had finally worked their charm like the ads had always promised. Until reality dawned on me, I wasn’t wearing my prescription glasses. 

Well, I put them on, only to realise like many others had, beauty was just in the (myopic) eye of the beholder. Though this did make me ponder how the details have taken away the beauty, though of the ignorant kind, of simplicity.

You click 6-7 photos in the same pose, only to find each less appealing than the last, and never look back at them, unless maybe to change the profile picture. Sound familiar? In stark contrast, remember when we had the big black Nikons and Kodaks with the reels that needed to be developed? Flip through your old albums, you’ll see each photo different from the last, and the photos then were memories. Not to capture our beauty but that of the moment. However, in today’s let-me-add-this-to-my-snapchat-story times, the actual tourist spot or the event that you want a photo of is more or less just the backdrop.

From let me capture that I was here, to let me capture that I was here.

The self-centred photo is just the beginning. Then come the retricas and the prismas because although you love your 13MP camera, details are never pretty, and these nifty one-tap-solves-it-all apps help you filter that out.

The devil may lie in the detail but the vision comes from the bigger picture. Don’t lose that while you’re clicking the pimple at the corner of your left cheek to hide it from your Facebook crush!