Life as we knew it is soon going to change for CBSites with the change of campus and (hopefully) a better canteen. I found this article hidden somewhere in the depths of my unpublished drafts and couldn’t help sharing the plethora of gastronomical knowledge contained in this post. Try out these food joints before the campus shifts. Dig in!

As a foodie with an insatiable hunger for all things savory, specially one who lived near the college for three years, I did my fair share of exploring. I therefore bestow all my foodie gyaan unto you, whether you’re a placement hunting third year (all the best, btw!) or a doe-eyed fresher.

The Daily Haunts

Budget friendly, fuss free, tax-free and near the college.

Sanjha Chulha

Before you start rolling your eyes, I know you already knew about this place, but it definitely deserves a mention for having been every CBSite’s go-to place! Tucked in a corner between a confectionary and a (recently opened) medical shop, just below your favourite maggie point, this place will never disappoint you.

Speciality: Dhaba-esqe North Indian

Must try: Paneer-do-pyaza, Daal Makhani

Pro tip: It closes at 3 so grab your lunch before that. Also, they deliver for free. I used to simply get a dal/sabzi delivered to my hostel as SOS (they claim to have a minimum order of 200 but when you actually place one over the call, the owner is really sweet and doesn’t shoo you away even if you’re just ordering half dal makhani on a Sunday night at 10)

Maggie Point

This one’s a no brainer. Friendly owner. Chill vibes. Budget friendly piping hot maggie!

Speciality: Maggie, duh! The guy used to get  (read: maybe smuggle) maggie from Haryana when it was banned for god’s sakes!

Pro-tip: Try the chocolate shake (different from the cold coffee).

The after-5 stalls (a.k.a. cultural soc and nerd secrets)

Occasion: When our beloved guard bhaiya finally kicks you out after multiple warnings and your stomach rumbles but your wallet is slimmer than your chances of landing Bain.

Now I don’t remember the names of these stalls but there’s a burger guy and most people swear by his impossibly cheaply priced burgers with the fried bun and patty. I personally was not a fan. You have a momos stall, a chaat stall, some veg tandoor stuff (Sanjha Chulha too opens a stall for the same)

The pav bhaji stall next to him serves a mean bhaji. But the real highlight is the sevpuri/bhelpuri stall with that iconic blue thela. Hygenic, fresh and unbelievably tasty sevpuri!! The only downside being, he’s not a stickler for time and often comes around 5:30 but if you’re ever late, give the sevpuri a try!


Chinese Inn

A 20 rupee rickshaw ride away (from the front gate to Vivek Vihar side) lies this gamut of budget veg restaurants and the area in itself is referred to as Garam Masala. However, I personally never had the opportunity to try Garam Masala or any other outlet because Chinese Inn always ended up being the go-to choice

Occasion: Mini parties, bas-ab-kitna-sanjha-chulha-jaenge days, 8-10 people group parties

Budget: Paisa wasool (150 per person)

Though the name says Chinese, it has equally amazing North Indian AND South Indian food (yay!!!!) Plus they have a decent seating space.

Must try: tandoori chaap (make sure to hound the guy for pyaaz and chutney. The chutney is gonna amaze you) plus you get 2 rumali rotis FREE!!! The thought of their garlic naan still makes my tongue tingle.

Pro tip: Service isn’t that good and the waiter almost always forgets/makes some minor error so make sure to remind him of the order a few times. Long waiting period. Call and order beforehand in case of time crunch.

Radhey Krishna Chole Bhature

Don’t simply go by the name, their naan is the real show stopper! Laden with oil and punjabi flavour this place must definitely feature on your wishlist

Location: Near ACGR enclave (take a left from the Karkardooma Court red right)

Budget: Rs. 80-150 per person

Must try: choor choor naan, Chole Bhature, and their other stuffed naans

Pro tip: The thali costs around 60-80 and you get unlimited refills for dal makhani and paneer (gravy only). Do ask for their special pickled/fried green chilli at the serving counter!

Chawlas Tandoori Junction

This is where nearly 80% of my savings usually went. Those delectable tandoori dishes, that out of the world biryani! I’m drooling already just thinking about them! While things are priced a little steep here, you certainly won’t find comparable food anywhere in East Delhi.

Location: Karkardooma Community Centre

Budget: Rs. 200-400 per person

Must try: Tandoori Chicken, Aghani Chicken, Magic Tandoori Chicken, Chicken and Mutton Biryani.

Pro-tip: They even have “diet” tandoori which tastes 99% as good and is made with very little oil.

Green Chick Chop

While this is primarily seen as a place for purchasing raw and semi-cooked chicken, they do actually have some pretty decent snacks as well! I was actually surprised at the super-fresh taste.

Location: Saini Enclave Market

Budget: Varies

Must try: Their hot dogs

The Hidden Gems

You probably have tried all the other outlets but these two are the well-kept secrets that will blow your mind!

Urbn – Pizzeria and Gaming Lounge

Yes! Hard to believe but yes, it exists! Pool tables, cool music, an air hockey table, console games and pizzas that’ll make you reconsider dominos! Thin fresh crust, aromatic seasoning. You won’t even need extra oregano or chilli!

Location: Near Karkardooma metro, below Naturals Beauty Salon

Budget: 200-300

Must try: Thin crust pizzas. Supreme pizza! Shakes.

Pro-tip: If you request the owner a little, he gives discounts to CBSites.


Oh boy those icecreams are to die for! Oodles of chocolate sauce, choco-chips, nuts, icecream and unbelievable amounts of toppings. Even two really hungry choco-holics couldn’t bear to finish their small sized Willy Wonka chocolate icecream.

Location: A stone’s throw away from Urbn

Budget: 200-300

Must-try: Icecreams and custom cakes. Though I must say the cakes are a bit on the steeper end.

Sidenote: You CANNOT finish their large sized icecreams alone. This is not a challenge. Attempt at your own risk.

Other notable mentions that are Cafe Wink, Utopia, Bobby Tikki Wala, Platform Nine and Three Quarters,  Kabab Hut, Mathela, El Posto, Keventers and Garam Masala. There’s also Barbeque Nation which is pretty much class apart from everything I’ve just mentioned. Honestly, no matter how much I write about Barbeque Nation, it could never describe the love I have for their super awesome staff and food.

What are you still doing here? Hail an e-rickshaw and start exploring!