Abstruser Musings

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Full Circle

It’s not every day that your whole world comes crashing about you. Preeti felt sick to the core.The metallic taste of disgust, revulsion, guilt and hatred filled her with nausea, or maybe that was just because of the incessant puking.

Was it really a sin, though? Continue reading “Full Circle”


Blind Faith

Once, a few monks were meditating in a monastery when suddenly a cat started creating ruckus and disturbing them. They went to the head priest for a solution, who told them to take the cat to the bottom of the stairs and tie it to a pole there. Thus, every day before they would start meditation they would tie the cat to the pole.

Decades later, one day, there was chaos all over the monastery. Reason? 

They couldn’t find any cat anywhere in the whole village to bring to the bottom of the stairs and tie it to the sacred pole of wisdom.

A lot of superstitions stem out of perfectly logical incidents. It’s ok to follow rituals and customs set by our ancestors. However, when people stop asking “why”, they turn into blind followers. 

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